General Information

The Footwear Manufacturers’ Federation of South Africa (FMF) was established in 1944 to serve the interests of footwear manufacturers in the RSA at national level. However, in 1997 the FMF was restructured to encompass the supplier industries’ and the Southern African Footwear & Leather Industries Association (SAFLIA) was formed to enable the footwear manufacturers and suppliers to work closer together for the benefit of the footwear value chain.

SAFLIA is formally registered with the Department of Labour as a national employer organisation in terms of the Labour Relations Act. The Constitution makes provision for three separate sections, viz. Footwear Manufacturing Section, Supplier Section and the Tanning Section. It furthermore provides for direct representation on the SAFLIA Management Committee by Small and Micro Enterprises who have been defined as employers with less than 50 employees and with a turnover of not more than R2,5m. The various sections can meet separately, from time to time, as circumstances dictate.

The organisation is a party to the National Bargaining Council for the Leather Industry of South Africa (NBCLI) and represents its members’ interests on various structures and provides valuable information to the industry.

The SAFLIA Management Committee

The SAFLIA Management Committee are elected annually by Members at the AGM and comprises of not less than six and not more than nine Senior Managers or Chief Executive Officers of Members in good standing and the Director of SAFLIA. The Committee meets at least three times every twelve months.

Jirka Vymetal

Executive Director


Noel Whitehead


BOLTON Footwear (pty) Ltd, Elsies River

John Comley

Government Relations

EDDELS Shoes (pty) Ltd

Andre Compion

PMC Group (pty) Ltd

Mark Gibbings

APECO (pty) Ltd

Jacky Hay

The Little Slipper Company (Pty) Ltd

Mahomed Mahomed

WILLOWTON Footwear cc

Francois Strydom

BOLTON Footwear (pty) Ltd, Great Brak River

The SAFLIA staff - 2019

Jirka Vymetal

Executive Director


Christina Venter




Noreen Daniel

Office Assistant